Friday, November 23, 2012

Being Bored!

So last night I came to Sayward, BC to stay with my mother for a few days and got bored so here's a few photo's with me wear a wig from and my new Kimichi Bambi grey contacts from enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kimichi Bambi Series Grey and other things!

So today I received my package from and once again there packaging and service was great!
The lens cases are very strong and they do not leak and the Hello Kitty BB cream WHITE is very pale and and gives my skin a nice whitened glow~
I ordered Kimichi Bambi Lenses in grey

These lenses are very comfortable. Probably the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn! and they are a very large size and easy to apply and this series comes in :
Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Pink and Violet

The Lenses were packaged in a very cute box!

                                                                               And wrapped in bubble wrapp~

I was also given an extra lens case :3

This Hello Kitty case is very convenient with a large mirror!
it holds a tube of solution, 1 pair of lenses along with pick up tweezers and a pop in tool


Tool that comes with Hello Kitty Case~

Pretty nail decals that came with my order!

I also ordered a very good BB Base cream! Very Cute Hello Kitty Style!


Monday, November 19, 2012

First Review!!!

Barbie three tones Review !!

I had received 3 pairs of Barbie three tone eye lenses from
They come in Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and grey. There comfortable and easy to apply and with there vibrant yet natural look I highly recommend them. Not only did I receive great lenses I also received great service! my package arrived a week earlier than expected and each pair I ordered (green, blue, purple) all came in in a securely wrapped package and each pair wear separately contained in adorable boxes with cute bears along with 3 lens cases matching the colors of each pair of lenses. Uniqso is by far my favorite lens site and I can't wait for my next package. !

Barbie three tones BLUE

Barbie three tones PURPLE

Barbie three tones GREEN

L=Purple R=Blue

So Beautifulll~     ((o(@ ^ @)o))